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Email marketers have shown blogging to be the most significant explanation for increased email traffic.

Small businesses that embrace blogging see 126% more growth in terms of leads than those that don't blog.

Blogs are the most valuable type of content, according to more than a ⅓rd of today's marketers.

Blogging increases inbound links by 97% for those companies that produce a blog.

Blogs increase traffic to your site because of the increased amount of keywords present.

The Internet users who read blogs totals approximately 77%.

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Your Opportunity to Plug Up To 10 Niche Blogs, and profit from all of them at the same time, Totally on Complete Autopilot!
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Unique Blog Features
Each Niche Blog Has Been Professionally Created to Give You…
100% Beginner Friendly

Countless hours have been spent to make this very easy to use and manage. After you install each blog and log into your WordPress dashboard, you will find a complete step-by-step guide on how to edit everything like password, site title, email contacts, logo, child theme, site color, and of course affiliate links.
Quick and Easy Installation

All blogs come with a top-notch plugin that will let you install each one of the blogs in less than 5 minutes. You just need to upload each blog package's file to your webhost, follow the 3-step installation process and you are good to go!

Mobile Responsive

Each Blog is pre-integrated with a responsive WordPress theme. Each blog quickly adapts to all sizes of mobile browsers. Newer version updates for the theme is automatic and can be updated inside your WordPress dashboard.
WordPress Theme Customizer Panel

Each blog comes with an integrated WordPress theme customizer, where you can: change colors, change fonts, upload your logo, change favicon icon, change site background, change website width, change the sidebar position, and a lot more...
Easy to Use Ad Management Panel

You will be able to change affiliate ads, affiliate URLs and other customizable content. Everything is handled from the theme panel. Just copy and paste your own ad codes, affiliate links, and banner promotions. Add your AdSense code and affiliate ID's.

Pre-installed Plugins

Each blog comes pre-installed with necessary WordPress plugins with functions for spam protection, search engine optimization and social media sharing.

WooCommerce ready

Supports WooCommerce plugin for selling unlimited digital as well as physical products.

Full customer support

Should you face installation problems, blog errors, or other technical issues, you can always contact us. Your blog concerns should be resolved within 24-48 hours.
Other Cool Features

10+ Pre-published Articles - There are up to 10 articles already posted on each blog.

Fully Supported Premium Theme - Each Blog comes with a customized Premium WordPress theme ($47 value), and when there's a script issue or some kind of bug, we fix it - and you will automatically get the updated theme.

125x125 Banner ads on sidebar - Easily integrate up to eight randomly rotating 125x125 banner ads into your sidebar.

Documentation and Video Tutorials - Included is a fully illustrated blog installation guide including replacing affiliate links. The guide comes with video tutorials.

Amazon Page - Integrated Amazon and ClickBank store (you just need to replace your own Amazon ID and keywords using the Theme Panel).

Clickbank - Integrated ClickBank ads and banners (you just need to replace your own ClickBank affiliate link using the Theme Panel).

AdSense - Easily integrate AdSense into your posts and pages (you just need to replace your own AdSense codes using the Theme Panel).

The Backup Buddy Wordpress Plugin ($75 Value) - With this premium WordPress plugin, installation is literally done in 3 easy to follow STEPS!

This is a high-quality blog package that has the potential to make you a lot of money! Please don't miss out!

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100% Money Back Guarantee!
Our 100% Money Back Guarantee is very simple and clear. If it doesn’t work, we will refund you, but please follow the conditions below.

Please read this entire sales page carefully before purchasing any of the options above, we do not offer “No Questions Asked” Refunds.

If you decide to purchase and if it happens that you have a problem setting up or using the blogs, please contact us first, and if we can’t resolve your problem, we will refund 100% of your money within 30 days after purchase.

Please be advised that we DO NOT GUARANTEE Top Rankings, Unlimited Traffic, or Income Results, as each one of those depends on several factors, starting with a well working WordPress Site, as well as proven online marketing strategies.

But we do guarantee that the screenshots shown on this sales page as well as the testimonials are all real and not fake.

Note: Refund processing can take up to 10 days and filing a dispute without contacting us first will make this guarantee null and void.

What are the basic requirements to have these blogs installed?
You need to have your own web host and a domain name.

Can I edit contents of the blog?
Yes, you can freely edit/change/add ALL blog content including articles, images, and videos. If you are familiar with WordPress, you can change/correct/edit/add almost any content. With the new theme framework, you can also change the logo, fonts, colors, theme width, site background, sidebar position, etc...

Can I change the theme or add plugins?
Yes. Since all blogs are WordPress based, you can change the theme and add/remove plugins if you wish.

Do I have to have an account with cPanel-based Webhosts?
No. cPanel-based Webhosts is a recommendation for those who don’t have a web host yet. As long as you have a compatible webhost and know how to manage it, these blog packages can be quickly installed. Please keep in mind, however, that it’s easier for us to install and manage your site if requested.

Do I need to sign up as an affiliate for ClickBank, Amazon, and AdSense?
No. You can replace those ClickBank, Amazon, and AdSense ads with your own product or any other affiliate products. The primary purpose of this product is to help you quickly get started with setting up a website/blog you can call your own.

Can this be installed on wordpress.com, wix.com, blogger.com and other similar sites?
No. These products are designed for self-hosted WordPress only.

The WPCD Team
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